Residential Artificial Turf

Take your weekends back! Upgrade your lawn with beautiful low-maintenance artificial grass.

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Artificial Lawns 

In this day and age our most precious commodity is our time. How many precious weekend family hours are you spending mowing, weed-eating, fertilizing and watering your yard? Ready to save precious free time, money on your home maintenance budget, conserve water, and protect the environment from pesticides and herbicides?

Endless Enjoyment, Rain or Shine

Your family will enjoy playing on 100% lead-free artificial turf. Installing synthetic turf eliminates the use of dangerous pesticides and the headaches caused by mud and puddles, pests, and weekly mowing. No more headaches of muddy shoes, muddy paws, and grass stains. 

Safe, Low Maintenance, High Performance

Synthetic lawns are a safer option for children and pets compared to natural grass, which requires fertilizers and chemicals to remain weed-free and healthy. Another plus is no more turf diseases, bugs, or weekly irrigation. Cleaning is as easy as an occasional light raking and spraying off. 

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Synthetic turf for play areas, back yards, and patio areas offers a versatile solution to enhance the aesthetics of any space while providing a functional area for the whole family. 50 Shades of Green can customize your turf to fit your needs and preferences, offering a seamless blend of beauty and functionality.

Residential Synthetic Lawns

Decks, rooftop terraces, patios, porches and pool areas are some of the ways people use artificial turf on their property – expanding the functional and enjoyable areas of their homes. This economical alternative to traditional 10-year covering will last the tests of time and your patio will be transformed into a lush green oasis of soft grass you can enjoy every day.

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Extensive Collection of Turf

Our turf specialist will help you select the perfect synthetic lawn from our choice of over 61 synthetic lawns that best fits your budget, lifestyle, family activities, pets and looks beautiful year-round. 50 Shades of Green uses only the highest quality that is PFAS-Compliant Assurance from Global Syn-Turf.

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