Agility Training & Sports Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is your solution for a reliable and hazard-free surface that provides quality performance for agility training, sports centers, and gyms.

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Indoor agility training turf installed next to weight lifting area

Sports Turf 

We carry specially designed turf for sports and recreational use. These durable turf options are constructed with the best qualities and features of synthetic grass for optimum sports performance. With a higher pile height, polyethylene monofilament, and infill layer, our Global Syn-Turf’s performance turfs offer exceptional traction and force reduction. The polyethylene blades of these products create a smooth, level surface that aids in effective training and competition.

Install artificial turf for bocce ball courts, soccer fields, cross-fit training, gyms, and golf training, both indoor or outdoor applications.

Endless Enjoyment, Rain or Shine

Enjoy playing and training on 100% lead-free artificial turf. Installing synthetic turf eliminates the use of dangerous pesticides and the headaches caused by mud and puddles, pests, and weekly mowing. 

Safe, Low Maintenance, High Performance

Synthetic lawns are a safer option compared to natural grass, which requires fertilizers and chemicals to remain weed-free and healthy. Another plus is no more turf diseases, bugs, or weekly irrigation. Cleaning is as easy as an occasional light raking and spraying off. 

Transform Your Space

Synthetic turf for play areas, training facilities, gyms, and recreational areas offers a versatile solution to enhance the aesthetics of any space while providing a high performance functional area. 50 Shades of Green can customize turf to fit your needs and preferences, offering a seamless blend of beauty and functionality.

Indoor training gym with synthetic turf installation

Agility Training Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf offers a unique feature of shock absorbency and cushioning. Adding a layer of shock pad or lawn padding underneath the turf itself provides additional protection from low-level falls and other injuries. The cushioning aspects of synthetic turf help to alleviate muscle and bone fatigue, chronic pain, and other injuries resulting from inadequate impact absorption.

With our artificial turf from Global Syn-Turf, athletes at all skill levels have the luxury of a soft, comfortable, even surface to stretch, play and relax on.

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Extensive Collection of Turf

All of synthetic grass options are low maintenance. With sports training applications in mind, the blades of the turf are easily cleaned after messes and, with proper care, can substantially reduce the risk of mold growth and hinder the spread of illness and infection from germs and bacteria. In most instances, a simple hosing off is all that is needed. Athletes now have the ability to play without worry of unsanitary conditions.

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